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Animation & Graphics

Animation and graphics is the merging of art and technology to create films, websites, digital material, and video games, among other things. This domain necessitates a fundamental understanding of fine arts as well as the ability to use computers and technology to create digital special effects, 2D and 3D programmes, and graphics for websites, logos, and illustrations, among other things. UI/UX designers are in charge of this project. People with a creative bent of mind who are also tech knowledgeable may find this to be a perfect employment.Along with the necessary knowledge, one must have the correct attitude and enthusiasm to succeed in the field of animation graphics. Various universities and institutes offer bachelor's degrees in graphic design, graphic arts, or visual communication. You can also get a bachelor's degree in fine arts and then apply for an animation certificate or diploma programme. If you're interested in UI/UX design, computer science is a good subject to study. Top design firms, advertising agencies, MNCs, website and app development agencies, the electronic industry, and the entertainment industry, among others, all have job openings. Character animators and UI/UX designers are two fields that are now in demand.

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