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Applied Arts

Applied arts is the art of creating products that are both beautiful and useful, as well as simple to use. As a result, these artists put their artistic skills to good use. It's all about fusing artistic vision with a business need. An applied artist's work can be found in everyday items such as tables, chairs, and utensils, as well as more complex items such as smart phones, microwaves, and food processors, among many others. Applied arts and fine arts are frequently confused. The foundation for applied arts is fine arts, but it takes much more than that.Graphic arts, architecture, industrial design, decorative arts, jewellery, photography, and other branches of applied arts are only a few examples. Some colleges select students for bachelor of fine arts and applied arts programmes based on an aptitude exam that includes drawing, creative composition in painting, clay sculpture, and graphic design. Many colleges offer bachelor's degrees in applied arts, as well as bachelor's degrees in fine arts with honours in applied arts. After graduation, there are many of job opportunities. Professionals in the applied arts work in fields such as animation, advertising, dance studios, television, software, periodicals, and digital media.

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