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These days, architecture is a highly ambitious field, as structural designs and modern structures are taking over not just the city, but also the country's infrastructure, and new opportunities are opening up for eager students. Landscape Design, Urban Design and Planning, Ecological Management, Urban Conservation, and Heritage Management are only a few of the fields of architecture.Many individuals are interested in this field, and as a result, millions of people apply and strive to gain admission to the best universities through entrance exams. For this degree, candidates should take Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering Drawing at the 10 2 level. Multiple entrance tests exist, such as the NATA (National Aptitude Test of Architecture), and students are selected for college courses based on their performance in these entrance tests. Architecture Design Firms, Real Estate Firms, Engineering Firms, and Government Bodies are among the top recruiting firms. Landscape designer, interior designer, urban design and planning are all hot disciplines right now.

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