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Aviation is one of the most lucrative and exciting professions. All operations involving the operation of aircrafts are referred to as aviation. Flying operations, aircrew, aircraft, air traffic management, aviation safety, and airport economics are all topics included in India's curriculum. Aircraft pilots are highly skilled individuals who require extensive training and skill development. As a highly specialized position, it requires knowledge of air navigation, the interpretation of meteorological reports, the ability to lead the aircraft in a variety of situations, and the ability to lead the crew and passengers. On a technical level, pilots must possess a wide range of abilities and must pass numerous tests in order to obtain a pilot's license. Obtaining a DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) pilot's license is a very competitive process. Passing the 10 2 level with the subject combination of Physics, Chemistry, and Maths is required for a job as a pilot. After completing class 12th, one can attempt to pass the entrance tests for flying schools in India, as well as meet the physical fitness standards. Well-known international and domestic airlines such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways, Jet Airways, and Air India are among the top recruiters. Commercial pilot, private jet pilot, and airline pilot are all hot fields right now.

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Air Traffic Controller