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A cartoonist who uses either digital tools or paper and pencil to make their work. Their work has appeared in comic strips, newspapers, magazines, television, films, and video games, among other places. It's a fascinating field for someone with a strong imagination and a desire to draw. They can freely express themselves through their sketches and comic comics. Cartoons are an excellent tool to raise public awareness.

- Career Scope as a Cartoonist

  • With News Agencies

Cartoonists collaborate with a variety of news organisations and magazine production companies to create cartoons and comic strips. They make cartoons on a variety of subjects, mainly focusing on current events. They may depict current social and political topics in a satirical and hilarious manner.

  • Magazine Creation firms

On a full-time basis, they collaborate with numerous magazine-creation firms. They make cartoons in accordance with the magazine's genre and criteria. They employ their imagination to pique the audience's interest.

  • Comic Book creator

In the form of a tale, a comic book creator develops a series of cartoons depicting various scenes. For each new comic, it entails coming up with new ideas, engaging stories, and so on. As a result, the individual must be exceedingly inventive. It's a fascinating project.

  • Editorial cartoonist

An editorial cartoonist or a political cartoonist uses cartoons to depict current social and political topics. Their? cartoons? in a national or worldwide context, are related to daily news, current affairs, etc.

  • Storyboard creators

Those who create storyboards work in the television or film industries. They construct a series of panels/frames that are utilised to direct a film. They assist the show's directors in picturing the scenario before it is shot.

  • As a freelance cartoonist

Freelance cartoonists produce their work and submit it to a variety of firms. They have the ability to collaborate with many agencies at the same time. Alternatively, they can organise their own independent agencies and work in a completely self-sufficient manner, selling their work as comic books and/or publicising it on social media channels.


- How to Become a Cartoonist

   Options        Stream       Graduation       After Graduation   


Pass Class XII in Any Stream with Fine Arts as a mandatory subject Pursue B.F. A or B.SC/B. A Animation and Graphics for 3 - 4 years Pursue M.A. Fine Arts/ M.A. Fine Arts and Painting for 2 years


Pass Class XII in Any Stream with Fine Arts as a mandatory subject Pursue Diploma Fine Arts/ Diploma Animation for 1 year Pursue PG Diploma in Fine Arts/ Fine Arts and Painting
3 Pass Class XII in Any Stream with Fine Arts as a mandatory subject Pursue B.F. A or B.SC/B. A Animation and Graphics for 3 - 4 years Study Abroad and Pursue Masters in Fine Arts for 1-2 years


- Quick Facts


  • You must have secured minimum 50% in class XII.
  • For a graduation in Fine Arts, it is a mandatory subject in class XII.
  • Practical, industrial experience is a must.


- Top College in India to become a Cartoonist

College Location
College of Arts New Delhi
Jamia Milia Islamia New Delhi
Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art Mumbai
University of Bombay Mumbai
Arena Animation Academy New Delhi
Visva-Bharati West Bengal
Indian Institute of Cartoonists Bangalore
Toonz Animation India Private Limited Thiruvananthapuram
Faculty of Fine Arts Vadodara
Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) New Delhi


- Top College in the World to become a Cartoonist

College Location
California Institute of Arts USA
Maryland Institute College of Arts USA
Yale University School of Arts USA
University Of Melbourne Australia
Paris College of Arts Paris
Vermont College of Fine Arts USA


- Job Description

  • To develop amusing characters that tell a tale, combine art and creativity.
  • Work for magazines, newspapers, and publishing houses to design cartoons and other art content
  • Specialize in comic strips, movie cartoons, political cartoons, cartoons for children, and other art material
  • Be mindful of colour schemes and combinations for the cartoons to seem appealing
  • Create cartoons with the target audience in mind.
  • Take feedback to make any necessary changes to the designs you've created.


- Pros & Cons of a Career as a Cartoonist

Pros - 

  • A profession as a cartoonist will allow you to freely express yourself via your work.
  • You have the option of working as a freelancer. Over time, the field will allow you to develop popularity.

Cons - 

  • It is a highly competitive field with a poor success rate.
  • Pay can be poor in the beginning.
  • Working hours are sometimes erratic.