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People who work in design have a creative mindset and can make unique connections between colours, shape, materials, and textures. Designers are needed in almost every area, including automobiles, clothing, architecture, products, logos, theatre settings, merchandising sets, and landscapes. While most designers use computer-aided design software, creating is also a form of fine art. Graphic design, fashion design, interior design, web design, set design, industrial design, and visual merchandising design are only a few of the many subfields of design.Each of these groups necessitates domain specialisation. A person's field of specialty can be chosen based on their interests, skills, and aptitude. For admission to most institutes, an entrance exam is required, and competition for top schools such as NID and NIFT is fierce. A bachelor's or master's degree in the discipline of design is required to pursue a career in the profession. Designers can work at fashion houses, media houses, the automobile industry, technology companies, and web design companies, among other places. A large number of designers also work as freelancers. Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Animation & Graphics are some of the most popular fields right now.

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