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Event Management


Given the number of events that occur in today's world, event planning as a job is rapidly expanding. Events will continue to occur as long as humans exist. The planned event could be as modest as a birthday celebration or as large as the Presidential Inauguration. Event planners are well-versed in overseeing all of the essential details that go into making an event a success, such as caterers, locations, decorations, transportation, themes, and dress rules. If you're seeking for a difficult profession, have good networking skills, and want to work in a variety of roles, event management is the career for you.

- Career Scope in Event Management

  • Event management companies

Event planners are employed by event management businesses to plan and coordinate meetings and conferences with a variety of clients and partners.

  • Freelancer

As a freelancer, you can work for a variety of clients, including corporations, educational institutions, government agencies, and media outlets.

  • Hotels/Resorts/Banquet Halls

Event planners play an important role at various hotels, resorts, and banquet halls because it is here that people wish to celebrate their achievements with their friends and families in the form of birthday parties, weddings, and other events.

  • Non Profit Organisations

Meetings, conferences, ceremonies, and other events are organised and coordinated by event planners in non-profit organisations.

  • Private Schools/ Universities

Many private schools and universities use professional event planners to create events such as annual days, yearly fests, educational conferences, and assemblies, among other things.

  • Professional Associate bodies

Event planners work for professional organisations that arrange events for its members on a regular basis.

  • PR Firms

Many event planners are employed by public relations firms. The event industry and public relations firms are inextricably linked.

  • Entertainment

Event planners can also participate in theme park events by organising enjoyable activities for tourists and coordinating shopping events during festival season.


- How to Become an Event Manager

   Options        Stream       Graduation       After Graduation   


Clear Class XII in Any stream Pursue Diploma in Event Management for 1-2 years Pursue PG Diploma Course for 1-2 years


Clear Class XII in Any stream Pursue Graduation in any stream for 3 years Pursue PG Diploma Course/MBA /MA-PR for 1-2 years


- Top Event Management College in India 

College Location
National Institute of Event Management Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Odisha, Tamil Nadu
National Academy of Event Management & Development Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Mumbai
International Institute of Event Management Mumbai
College of Events & Media Pune
Indian Institute of Learning & Advanced Development Gurgaon
Impact Institute of Event Management Delhi
Indian School of Media Mumbai


- Top Event Management College in the World 

College Location
William Angliss Institute Melbourne, Australia
SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School Switzerland
Southampton Solent University United Kingdom
La Trobe university Melbourne, Australia
Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School Australia


- Job Description

  • Plan and organise meetings, conferences, parties, weddings, and other events.
  • Make preparations in accordance with the event's goal.
  • Before putting the strategy into action, talk to the client and negotiate it.
  • Work with several vendors, suppliers, or other stakeholders to coordinate and organise their efforts.
  • Keep track of your expenses in accordance with the budget you've set.
  • Coordinate the efforts of several specialists who are delivering their own expertise and services.
  • Take care of the event from the very beginning to the very conclusion.
  • Ensure the greatest level of client and visitor satisfaction.
  • Build a strong network by communicating effectively.
  • Keep track of accounts and duties in a systematic manner.


- Pros & Cons of a Career in Event Management

Pros - 

  • Work ranges from modest initiatives to large projects, with immense satisfaction feeling following each project's completion.
  • The person gets more receptive to other people's points of view and improves their teamwork skills.
  • As there are more opportunities to meet new individuals, networking grows.
  • The individual is given the opportunity to travel both within and outside of the city, as well as across the country.

Cons - 

  • There are no set working hours, and there is a lot of travelling.
  • Patience is essential, as is an openness to criticism.
  • Events may be stressful as a result of the client's high expectations.
  • There may be a lack of consistency.