Allied Medicine

Integral health management is out of gear and non-functional without allied medicine practitioners. The rise in the number of patients, the variety of ailments, and the demand for comprehensive treatment has paved the way for paramedical experts, such as specialist technicians or therapists, to provide improved health care. A paramedic is a medical practitioner who works alongside doctors in specialist disciplines to help with diagnosis, treatment, and therapy. As a result, paramedics are important players in the health and medical fields.Physiotherapy, Radiology, Audiology, Optometry, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Orthotic and Prosthetic Technology, Renal Dialysis Technology, and many other specialised professions are available. In comparison to Medicine, there is less rivalry in this profession because many candidates are ignorant of the numerous possibilities and high future prospects available. For admission to BSc programmes at the college level, aspirants must have studied Science with Biology at the 10 2 level. Leading hospitals, diagnostic centre chains, and other employers have made job offers to these professionals. Audiologists, Occupational Therapists, Pharmacy, and Surgical Technologist are all hot fields right now.

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