Students who pursue a career in management get an understanding of business, trade, management techniques, industry, economic fundamentals, fiscal policies, industrial policies, share markets, and stock markets, among other things. Management studies instruct students on how to run a firm effectively. With the growing competition in the field, a large number of colleges offering management-related courses have sprung up all over the country, offering everything from traditional specializations like finance, marketing, sales, operations, and human resources to trending specializations like health care management, sports management, rural management, and fashion management. Students who want to pursue management as a career after high school might pursue a BBA, BBS, or BBM degree to have a solid foundation in management education. Following graduation, one may pursue an MBA in a particular sector. Management is a career path that can be taken after earning a bachelor's degree in practically any field, including law, engineering, medicine, and social sciences. Management is one of the most sought-after jobs due to the excellent wages and promising future prospects it provides, particularly for those who graduate from top management schools. Sports management, health care management, operations management, and human resource management are all hot fields right now.

Followings are the Core Feild of Management 

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BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration)

MBA (Master in Business Management)

Retail Management 

Luxury Brand Management 

Hospital Management 

Spa Management 

Sports Management