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Special Educator


Special education is a field concerned with specially tailored methods of instruction, training, and support for children with impairments. Learning difficulties, physical disabilities, developmental disorders, and behavioural issues are examples of such disabilities. The goal of special education is to help children with disabilities manage with their difficulties and develop their abilities to their maximum potential.

- Career Scope as a Special Educator

  • Special Education Teacher

Education for the Disabled Teachers are specially qualified educators who work with kids who have a variety of physical, emotional, learning, and movement challenges. They educate these children by teaching them reading, writing, communication, and a variety of other subjects. They also teach youngsters certain skills that help them adapt to their surroundings and live happy, balanced lives. They can work in public and private schools, non-governmental organisations, and rehabilitation centres.


- How to Opt for a Career as a Special Educator

Path     Stream         Graduation           After Graduation After Post Graduation
1        Clear Class XII in Any stream Pursue Bachelors in any discipline for 3 years/ Pursue Bachelors in Education/Special Education for 2 years Pursue Masters in Special Education for 2 years
2 Clear Class XII in any stream Pursue Bachelors in any discipline for 3 years Pursue Bachelors in Education/Special Education for 2 years -
3 Clear Class XII in any stream Pursue Bachelors in any discipline for 3 years Pursue Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Early Childhood Special Education/Special Education for 1 year -


- Quick Facts 

  • B.A./B.Sc.with 2 teaching subjects. With minimum 50% aggregate OR B.Ed with minimum 50%


- Top College in India to Become a Special Educator

College Location
Lady Irwin College New Delhi
Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi
Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra
Banaras Hindu University Uttar Pradesh
SNDT Women's University Mumbai
Andhra University Vishakhapatnam
Helen Keller College of Special Education Andhra Pradesh
Tamana New Delhi
National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped Maharashtra
Action for Autism New Delhi
Panjab University Chandigarh


- Top College in The World to Become a Special Educator

College Location
Londons Global University United Kingdom
Vanderbilt University United States
University of Cambridge United Kingdom
Ohio State University United States
University of Florida United States
University of Wisconsin-Madison United States
University of New South Wales Australia
LaTrobe University Australia
University of Sydney Australia
University of Manchester United Kingdom
University of Bristol United Kingdom

- Important Entrance Exams

  • Postgraduate
College Tentative Date Important Elements
Lady Irwin College B.Ed Special Education (MR) Entrance June General Knowledge, Mental and Teaching aptitude, English Comprehension, General. Aptitude, Subject Test
Jamia Millia Islamia B.Ed Special Education Entrance June General Ability, Language Proficiency, Subject Comprehension
Banaras Hindu University UET June Teaching aptitude, Reasoning, Current Educational Scenario, Subject Knowledge


- Job Description

  • Test children to evaluate their developmental levels, requirements, or potential.
  • Arrange the environment indoors or outdoors to encourage creative play, motor-skill activities, or safety.
  • Develop, assess, or adjust pre-school programmes in collaboration with other teachers or administrators.
  • To resolve a student's behavioural or academic issues, consult with parents, guardians, teachers, counsellors, or administrators.
  • Create individual educational plans (IEPs) to help students achieve their intellectual, physical, and social goals.
  • Make use of unique instructional strategies or techniques.
  • Modify the general education curriculum to accommodate children with specific needs.

- Pros & Cons of a Career as a Special Educator

Pros - 

  • It's a highly fulfilling career that allows you to make a difference in the lives of children.
  • In India, there is a shortage of highly experienced and trained special educators, thus positions are plentiful for those who are qualified.

Cons - 

  • It is possible that the work will be physically and emotionally taxing.
  • Teachers in special education do not always receive the recognition and respect they deserve.
  • Planning and constructing educational charts and plans requires a significant amount of time.